God has called us to an abundant life. Our prayer is that you will be blessed by these sermons and discover that they are a great resource that will help you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as well as to come into a life of freedom, destiny and adventure.


A Beautiful God

May 13, 2018 | By: Phil Wedderburn-Maxwell |

In this message Pastor Phil shares on the beauty and magnificence of God and His goodness towards us.

Working In the Waiting

May 6, 2018 | By: Shawn White |

Many of the Psalms David wrote reveal that he spent a lot of time waiting for God. Its as if God is going a bit too slow for David's taste. Why is it that God is never in a rush, especially when we need Him to be? And is it that we are really waiting on God or could it be that God is waiting on us? In this message Pastor Shawn shares how God is working while we are waiting.

Kingdom Building or Tower Building

April 29, 2018 | By: Shawn White | Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9

In Genesis chapter 11, the descendants of Ham (one of Noah's son) decide to build a tower to honor the heavens. Their actions in building the Tower of Babel reveal what a life that isn't surrendered to God looks like. In life there is tower building and there is Kingdom Building an its important that we discover which one we are a part of.

Rest - A Position Of Surrender

April 22, 2018 | By: Shawn White | Scripture: Mark 4:35-41

Is God good? In the moments when life seems out of control and something bad or tragic has happened is He still good? There are things in life that occur that are simply out of our control and its important in those moments that we rest in the goodness of God. Your ability to rest in God will never exceed your ability to see Him in His goodness.

Called To Follow

April 19, 2018 | By: Shawn White | Scripture: Luke 5:1-11

A student is much different than a disciple. A student just wants to know what the teacher knows, but a disciple wants to be who the Rabbi is and wants to do what the Rabbi does. However, a disciple doesn’t choose a Rabbi. The Rabbi must choose a disciple meaning he must believe in the disciple that he can be who the Rabbi is and do what the Rabbi does. Jesus doesn’t just pick the best or those who have their acts together. He picks everyone because He always sees our potential above our failings. He actually believes we have what it takes to do what He has called us to do and to be who He has called us to be. Its hard for people to see themselves the way God sees them. We often times focus on the worst parts of ourselves and there is God the whole time believing the best about us because He knows us inside and out. Discipleship, therefore, is an act of surrender. We are surrendering all the fears and insecurities that we hold so dear to Jesus so we can come to accept God’s identity and purposes for our lives and the truth that He actually believes in us.

Sweet Surrender

April 9, 2018 | By: Phil Wedderburn-Maxwell | Scripture: Deuteronomy 1:31

We always need to see God as Father and we as His Children riding on Dad's shoulders through this life. Sometimes you don't always go where you want to. Sometimes He goes slower or faster than you would like, but ultimately He is going to bring you to place you need to be. We just need to learn to trust Him. In this message Pastor Phil shares about the subject of Sweet Surrender.

Love Is Alive

April 1, 2018 | By: Shawn White | Scripture: Luke 24:13-35

How often do we go through life completely oblivious to God's love that is always with us and for us? When something bad occurs we can rail at God and question His love for us. When you lose sight of God's love, you lose your grip on hope. Love fuels hope and gives us the ability to believe God for the impossible. When Jesus died, all hope was lost for the disciples. But Jesus didn't stay in the grave He rose to life! Easter Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection. The resurrection celebrates that God's love isn't dead but that Love Is Alive!

The Big Picture

March 25, 2018 | By: Shawn White | Scripture: Matthew 21:1-17

When you study the scriptures we always have to make sure we read and understand each of the stories with the overall story of Jesus in mind. Right from the beginning in Genesis we see God created a space (the garden of Eden) where heaven and earth would come together to be one. Throughout the scriptures we see God creating a space where God could meet with His people. He is a God of love and therefore of relationship. Jesus came as an agent of change. He changed the entire temple system of that day. The heart and desire of God remained the same but the location of the temple was changed. In this message Pastor Shawn shares about the temple system of the new covenant and how important it is that we make space for the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Total Surrender

March 18, 2018 | By: Shawn White | Scripture: Psalms 40:1-17

Everyone experiences a "slump" from time to time. A slump are those moments in life that keep us from moving forward. Sometimes we don't want to get out of bed and face reality or deal with the situation at hand. King David found himself in such a place in Psalm 40 which he called the "Pit of Destruction." God pulls out of there and gives him a firm place to stand, but as you read on you discover that David is still in a world of trouble. Evil is all around him. He has messed up more times than he can count, and there are people after his life. God pulled him out of the slump so he could face and overcome the situation before him. What you surrender to is what you crown king over your life. Will you bow the knee to your problems and remain the victim or will you bow the knee to Jesus and become the victor?

When God Became King

March 11, 2018 | By: Shawn White | Scripture: Daniel 9:20-27

Without understanding the Big Picture of the old testament we miss out on what the Gospels are all about. Israel was expecting their King, but the old testament ends with no king in sight. Instead, Israel is left with the greatest cliff hanger in history. With this in mind, the Gospels are then the good news to the cliff hanger we are left with. Jesus was the king Israel was waiting for. The Gospels tell the climatic story of how Israel's God became King of the world. Its a world that we find ourselves a part of today. So is Jesus your king? Has God become King of your life? There is a major difference between a belief in God and a life that is surrendered to Him as King!