Discover the many ways you can serve and get involved at Gateway Church.
SHIP (Samaritan Homeless Interim Program)

SHIP (Samaritan Homeless Interim Program) is a nonprofit organization based out of Somerville, NJ, that helps the homeless and working poor get back on their feet. We partner with SHIP by providing them with lunches and casseroles to feed people. We also run their mobile soup kitchen twice a month and put on a picnic for their clients twice during the summer months. The mobile soup kitchen and picnics in particular, are powerful ways for us to share Jesus’ love with these people face to face. For more information, email:

Relief Bus

The Relief Bus is an urban missions headquarters and launching pad to do outreach to the inner city. Serving the homeless and working poor. One Friday a month 7pm – 9pm.

For more information, email Dave & Kelly DeJesus:



Missions: For those interested in missions, there are two ways you can serve. You can “go” or you can “give”. 

Each year we take a group, during the summer, to be a blessing in a foreign country by spreading the love of Jesus. All are welcome to join this team. However, if you are unable to attend, another way that would help benefit the team is to financially give towards this cause. 

Below is an application form that you can fill up to participate for the upcoming mission to Haiti.

Gateway Church Mission Trip Application Form

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