Mens Ministry

In the busy world we live in, we rush around for food, for work, with our noses in our devices, we don’t take the time to stop and relate and enjoy the world around

Here at Gateway Church, we are excited about our Men’s ministry where we want to challenge men to focus and recognize and claim the standard of greatness God has set forth in His Word.

Learn what it means to be a kingdom man who accepts responsibility for his domain of influence; lives by kingdom principles; and devotes his life to advancing God’s kingdom at home, at church and in the community.

This is an opportunity to explore how God wants to transform us and move us forward to be better menmen that will embrace their identity as sons of the living God and love to serve Him in all aspects of our lives. We will use this time to learn from each other, build each other up, pray for each other and have a great time of fellowship. 

We look forward to seeing you