New sermon series on Identity starting on Sunday October 29th#newsermonseries #gatewaychurchnj #identity #nowyouknow #seeyousunday


At the cross Jesus won for us our authority and identity.  However, we often equate sin as the bad things that we do. In scripture we find that sin is often a noun and not a verb. It is a state of being. To sin is to miss the mark.  There is always a root issue behind the action. We as the church can be guilty of trying to rid people of bad behavior without dealing with the root cause of it. That’s like shooing away the flies without getting rid of the garbage. Unless you deal with the garbage the flies will only return. 
Where there is sin (and we all got some area of sin) in our lives, it is an area where we are missing the mark when it comes to our identity and authority. It’s basically not being the “you” that God created you to be – which is why life is a journey and mistakes are bound to happen. 
Join us as Pastor Shawn digs into these series of sermons starting on the 29th!